Cable & Quick Link Two Pack

PRICE: $ 26.90

• Two Stainless Steel / Coated Cables
• Two Quick Links

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Please note that this product ships via USPS and the shipping address provided MUST HAVE a mail receptacle.  Any address provided incorrectly will be charged again for the original shipping amount and we will ship the product a second time to the correct address after contacting you. Thank you.

IMPORTANT: If you have side rails that are 24-inches tall and/or are preloading tension over 25-inches above your side rail, you may need to order the Spring Assembly instead of just the Cable and Quick Link.  Quick Link will reduce cable travel distance by 2.25-inches.

Bolt cutters are required for removing the old cables.

Please call us at (877) 388-8895 for expedited shipping outside of the contiguous United States.


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